Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Ethylene Oxides Sterilizer

We “Krishna Engineering” are involved in manufacturing and supplying wide varieties of industrial ETO Sterilizer tools like E.T.O Sterilizer, Spice ETO Sterilizer, Industrial Retort Machine, Surgical ETO Sterilizer, and Sliding Door ETO Sterilizer.

ETO Sterilizer is one of the modern-day means of sterilization and is very supreme for flexible industries such as textile industry, medical industry, pharmaceutical industry, surgical instruments industry and food & beverage industry etc. Moreover, this Ethylene Oxides is and inflammable, toxic and colorless gas with a fuzzily sweet fragrance at temperature of above 10.7 ÂșC. Further, ETO is made by the oxidation process of ethylene in presence of catalyst which is silver. This sterilizer directly affects the growth, development and ageing of microorganism like bacteria, fungi, and due to this reason, this equipment are used for medical equipments and appliances as sterilant.

As our client’s satisfaction is our first motto, we serve the order of our customer as per their requirements. If any problem arises in the equipments then we are always ready to help you out.
Moreover, the materials we use for manufacturing the ETO sterilizer are of

high quality. Thus, our ETO Gas Sterilization, Industrial ETO Sterilizer Machine, Industrial ETO Sterilizer Machine India, Industrial ETO Sterilizer Machine Manufacturer equipment is extremely valued and chosen on by several countries across the globe like Ethiopia, Egypt, Malaysia, Indonesia, UAE, and Canada.